Friday, February 9, 2024

‘Argylle’ a fun ride that will keep you guessing

By Matt Pascarella

Rated: PG-13
Runtime: 2 hours, 19 minutes

This movie takes place in or around “The Kingsman” universe, but I’m not familiar with that universe and enjoyed this film immensely. I wasn’t asking myself a lot of questions that may have been answered in previous movies.

Elly Conway is a popular writer who likes to keep to herself. Her “Argylle” series tells the story of a secret agent and a global spy network that unintentionally begins happening in real life. She is approached by an espionage agent, Aidan, who wants her to tell him what happens next in her series, so he can stop Director Ritter and protect the world. However, there may be things Aidan isn’t telling her.

“Argylle” stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cena, and Catherine O’Hara.

Elly Conway (Howard) is a successful writer of the spy series “Argylle” and is finishing a reading where an enthusiastic group has many questions about the series.

This movie begins with action right away. Elly has finished book five in her spy series. Her mother (O’Hara) really wants to know what happens. She tells Elly the book isn’t ready and needs another chapter – readers can’t be left on a cliffhanger.

Ellie is struggling with the ending. She decides to take a train (she has a fear of flying) to visit her mom. A guy sits down next to her – despite her mild protest – and asks if she’s read the “Argylle” series. He (Rockwell) quickly recognizes her; his name is Aidan. He works in espionage.

As it turns out, no one on the train can be trusted and Aidan helps Elly and her cat Alfie escape. He tells her it’s bear-hug-o’clock as they escape from the train.

Elly wakes up in a cabin and Aidan tells her all about Director Ritter (Cranston) and what he is trying to do. Aidan says that her books have been predicting events in real time. He thinks Elly’s imagination is the key to stopping Ritter.

She is weary of trusting Aidan, but he seems legitimate. The two go to London.

Aidan wants to know how book five ends. As Elly is trying to help, they are located by Ritter. It’s a race against time to figure out what happens. Elly is onto a clue.

Aidan and Elly find something in a lock box. Ritter is not far behind.

Elly overhears Aidan on the phone and wonders if she is in trouble and if Aidan really is who he says.

Elly’s mother and father meet her in London.

Aidan warns her more bad guys are coming. She and Aidan go to France where they meet Alfie (Jackson).

Alfie says it’s time to meet the real Agent Argylle. The bigger the spy, the bigger the lie.

She and Aidan head to the Arabian Peninsula. Ritter is still following them.

This is a great movie. It had action, humor, a lot of twists and turns, all coupled with an all-star cast who give stellar performances. I was guessing until the very end; “what’s really going on here?” The movie is a little on the long side, but it kept me engrossed and waiting to see what would happen next. It’s one of the better mystery movies I’ve seen in recent years. There is extremely mild language, and I didn’t think it was overly violent.

Parts toward the end were a little silly and overdone, but I think that was on purpose. See this on the big, big screen – you won’t regret it. Stick around past the credits for an extra scene that sheds light on ... well, you’ll have to see that to figure that out.

Two cat backpacks up.

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