Friday, October 29, 2021

Movie Review: ‘The Night House’ might creep you out

By Matt Pascarella

Rated: R

Runtime: 1 hour, 47 minutes

How well do you really know the people you think you know? A disturbing thought. Beth returns home from her husband Owen’s funeral, after he committed suicide. In her grief, she notices a few unusual things happen in their house. Are these things real or is it something else? This movie caught me off guard in several places and was a good scare, especially with Halloween just days away.

“The Night House” starts in a very dark place but took me on an emotional ride where I wasn’t sure what to think or what was actually occurring. This movie stars Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Evan Jonigket, Stacy Martin, and Samantha Buck.

Beth (Hall) is understandably shaken up and despondent after the death of her husband. Once she returns home, she notices the gate to her dock is open; she closes it and later on notices it’s open, again.

Later that night, Beth has a weird dream … or was it a dream? It seems so real to her that she goes searching for clues in Owen’s (Jonigket) phone. What she finds only opens the door to more questions. Her friend, Claire (Goldberg) tells her everyone has secrets though Beth insists she and Owen did not.

More weird things happen. Beth searches into what she thinks may have been one of Owen’s secrets. She makes a discovery or two and things complicated.

One afternoon, Beth is walking in the woods and runs into her neighbor Mel (Curtis-Hall). He tells her she’s not in her right mind. I’m still not 100 percent sure if he was right. After she questions him intensely, Mel admits a few things to Beth. Here she finds out more about Owen’s alleged secrets.

Beth digs more and the situation only spirals. What was Owen up to?

Beth visits a bookstore where she meets Madelyne (Martin) who sheds more light on who Owen really was. Despite it taking a real toll on her mental state, Beth continues to look for more information, against Claire’s advice.

What she finds was confusing, exciting, mildly horrifying and satisfying all wrapped up into one.

I had zero expectations going in. I had seen several ads and it look like a decent thriller/horror movie. This movie has what I would call the rollercoaster effect; it’s a little slow to start. As I was climbing to the top, the first few events happen to Beth, before a sharp drop and a fast ride with my heart pumping and I felt nervous in several places along the way. I was creeped out in a couple spots. I also tried the entire time to figure out what was really happening but could not until the very end – and I’m still unsure if I was actually correct.

A minor spoiler alert: the ending left me with questions, but overall, I enjoyed this movie and would recommend it. Two stereo systems up.

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