Friday, November 20, 2020

Movie Review: Showtime’s ‘Apple Seed'’ an okay movie with nice lessons

By Matt Pascarella

Prince (Michael Worth) is down on his luck. The bank won’t give him a loan, his father died, and his girlfriend left him. On some misguided advice from a bartender, Prince decides to go on a road trip back to his town of Apple Seed to rob a bank – the bank he feels has wronged him after so many years of loyal service. After meeting an eccentric older man with a zest for life named Carl (Rance Howard), the two embark on a journey.

When Prince first meets Carl they are complete opposites. Prince is very reserved and not talkative, where Carl at one point draws a crowd just speaking in his lively manner. I found this movie to be moderately enjoyable, but a little on the long side.

At a motel, Carl’s wallet is stolen by Rocky (Sarah De La Isla). After the problem is remedied, she joins their road trip. They also meet singer Dallas (Dasha Chadwick) who joins their bunch.

Prince gets into a fight and is saved by Carl. It’s here Prince learns Carl is an ex-convict.

After dropping Dallas off at her desired destination, Carl seeks to right a wrong and pays a visit to Sirom (Robby Benson), who was part of Carl’s team when he robbed that bank so many years ago. Sirom is happy to see him and they spend some time with him. At this point Rocky leaves the group.

Shortly after their car breaks down, the two hop a train and ride the rails. Carl seeks to right another wrong and visits his son, Hughie (Clint Howard). Hughie isn’t pleased to see him. He’s angry that Carl wasn’t there when Hughie’s mother died.

There are lots of motivational/inspirational quotes in this movie. When Carl and Prince reach the end of their road trip and part ways, Carl tells him, “Whatever you hope to find ... or whatever you hope to make right, the past is only good for reminding you, you still have a future.”

Prince still plans to go through with the robbery, even after all he has seen with Carl and all the things Carl has told him.

Will Prince rob the Apple Seed Bank? What will happen to him? Will he ever meet up with Carl again? Is there more to this I’m leaving out?

The movie starts all about Prince and how he’ll make up for his shortcomings but turns into more of Carl leading by example of how to get the most out of life. This movie has several valuable lessons about living life to the fullest, seizing the moments and knowing that going through life with others is better than going alone.

It has a fairly strong first act and a decent second act, but the third act, while somewhat exciting with twists and turns, needed more explanation for why some character decisions were made. It does have a nice soundtrack. I enjoyed 90 of its 120 minutes. I give it only one cowboy hat up.

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