Saturday, March 28, 2020

Movie Review: “Fighting with my Family”

By Matt Pascarella

Rated: PG-13
Run time: 1 hour, 48 minutes

Based on a true story, Ricky (Nick Frost) and his family make a living running a business called ‘World Association of Wrestling.’ The family has wrestling deep, deep in their veins. Brother and sister Zak (Jack Lowden) and Saraya (Florence Pugh) have been wrestling since they were little and get a call from Hutch Morgan (Vince Vaughn) from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Zak and Saraya get the opportunity to try out for the WWE.

Out of all the people who tried out, only Saraya (wrestling name Paige) makes it to the next level. Although Paige begs Hutch to also take her brother, his mind is made up. This leaves Zak feeling left out and angry. While he is hurt, he encourages Saraya to go and wrestle for the family.

Paige flies to Florida where she struggles a bit during tryouts, but makes it past the first elimination. Zak and his girlfriend have a baby, but he is still fixated on getting into the WWE and even calls Hutch again and pleads for a second chance. Hutch still isn’t interested.

When Paige gets a chance to wrestle in a Next Generation (NXT) Divas match, she is not well received and chokes on her introduction. In response to this, she changes her physical appearance, but really struggles during training. Hutch asks her how she thinks it will end for her and more than suggests she should just quit.

For a moment, she does and tells Zak she’ll not be returning after the Christmas holiday; it’s just too difficult. She asks Zak to keep this information from their parents, but Zak is so envious, he tells their mother, Julia (Lena Headey) and their dad. Both her mom and dad think she’s making a bad decision, but eventually, they respect her choice.

Zak continues to struggle with jealousy; he and Saraya talk it out. Saraya tells him that just because millions of people aren’t cheering while you do something, doesn’t mean it’s not important – easily the best line in the entire film.

Paige returns to Florida with a new attitude and begins making friends. She’s working even harder than before to prove to Hutch she wants to be there. She has success in the ring and makes it past the second elimination.

Will she make it to the WWE? Watch the film and find out!

This was not the laugh out loud movie I was anticipating. However, it was very good. It had several funny parts and many wrestler cameos. It also concludes with a nice message. So, as we’re all couped up together, whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, I recommend this feel good movie. Two championship belts way up! So the whole crowd can see!

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