Friday, March 23, 2018

Movie Review of “Overboard” (PG) by Gayle Plummer

1987 Comedy
Runtime: 112 minutes

I’m one of those people who tend to choose a movie by the stars in it. If I’m not familiar with the lead stars, chances are pretty good that I’m not having a look until my personal, trusted grapevine says otherwise.  

“Overboard” is a wonderfully funny movie, and it is very well done. My first reason to watch it was
Remake will be out in April
Kurt Russell. My second reason to watch it was Goldie Hawn. My third reason to watch it was Roddy McDowell, who produced it and co-stars as the butler. It is entertaining throughout and what more can you ask of a movie? 

The premise here is that Hawn plays a rich, rude, spoiled socialite snob who hires a carpenter (Russell) to re-build her closet. They of course, take a deep dislike to each other. The lines that are shooting back and forth are both very well written and very smartly delivered by these two pros - complete with body language and facial expressions that scream, “You disgust me!” Now as the plot thickens and the hatred these two have for each other escalates, she falls off her yacht; when rescued it’s discovered she’s lost her memory.  Her hubby finds out she’s been rescued - but he won’t claim her. 

This is where Russell sees his chance to pay her back for her condescending attitude and collect money she wouldn’t pay him. He claims her as his wife. He then proceeds to take her back to his dis-organized, dirty shanty type home - complete with four wild, rude, undisciplined boys.  

You may think I’ve given away the movie here but I have not. The way this fake marriage and fake motherhood scenario plays out is truly funny and it is the backbone of the movie. 

Another draw for me was knowing that in their real lives, Russell and Hawn had met a few years earlier and in fact were involved in their real life partnership when this movie was done. I always like to have some tid-bits of back-stories when I watch movies.  

There is a re-make of this movie to be released in theaters this April. I am extremely fearful about this: When the original has been done as well as this one was, I don’t hold out much hope when they attempt to do it over. I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that this remake probably will not measure up. But, I guess time will tell. I do highly recommend that you see this 1987 original before you see the 2018 version - and you can be the judge. (It is available on Netflix or you can rent it.)

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