Friday, February 26, 2016

Movie review - Deadpool - By Daniel Kilgallon

Deadpool (R)
Run Time: 108 mins

The first of seven superhero films set for release in 2016, Deadpool is also the first stand alone movie for the titular comic book character from the X-Men series. Prior to this, our only film adaption of this popular character was found in 2009s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Although Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast in the role, the filmmakers decided to sew his mouth shut as one of the many mistakes in that disaster of a movie. Luckily, six years later we finally get to see Reynolds reprise his role the way it was meant to be. In addition, alongside movies like Kick-Ass and Watchmen, Deadpool is one of the only R-rated comic book films out there. Anyways, all of these aspects coupled with some perfect marketing had me pretty excited for this movie. 

Because this film is such a unique first time experience, I will keep my summary brief. However, I will say it is important to know that this story is told in a nonlinear fashion. Ultimately, Deadpool tells an origin tale of man named Wade Wilson who turned from a Special Forces operative to a mercenary. After he is diagnosed with cancer, Wade undergoes an experiment that ends up leaving him with superpowers as he turns into his alter-ego, “Deadpool”. 

Now, Deadpool may simply sound like your stereotypical superhero movie; it is not. This is a completely satirical film that takes those cultural clich├ęs and flat out makes fun of them. Now, this may seem as if it's just an average spoof movie; it is not that either. Deadpool is an absolutely unique film as it tells this seemingly simple story in the most entertaining way imaginable. The extreme action sequences were an absolute visual feast. Couple that with a surprisingly touching love story and I don’t know what else you could ask for in a movie like this. Even the acting was outstanding, especially Ryan Reynolds with his brutally hilarious narration of our title character. I can honestly say that Deadpool is the best superhero film I have seen since 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is really saying something if you look at what came in between. All I can say is good luck to the rest of the 2014 superhero flicks, because Deadpool jump started this year with a well needed breath of creative storytelling that we haven’t had in a long, long time.

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