Monday, September 21, 2015

Video Game Review - Gunpoint game is fun when you get it on sale - By Josh Libby

Gunpoint is a game created by Suspicious Developments. Gunpoint is found on the Steam website, which is a digital distribution service where you can buy games and software. 
In Gunpoint you play as Richard Conway a freelance spy who is out for hire. He has to first clear his name from a murder he was framed for and get revenge on who framed him. 

It is a stealth, puzzle, platformer game. The game revolves around stealth game play, where you can both avoid being spotted and complete the mission completely undetected, or you can leap out of the shadows and knock out guards. 

The puzzle portion comes in with the use of the game’s hacking mechanics to get past guards. The hacking element allows you to hack anything from the lights to guard's guns and alarms. It's a platformer because you have a pair of Bullfrog Hypertrousers that allow you to jump very high and scale buildings. 

There are many ways of getting around each level and completing the objectives. One of the problems with the game is the short campaign. There are not that many story missions, but this is solved by the Steam Workshop. It also has Steam Workshop support so you can create your own levels and share them with other people. You can also play other people's levels.   The game features an upgrade system to make it so you can make each level different from your first play through and can change how each level is completed.  The game is very fun and I like it a lot. The game is $10 on Steam, and because it has a short campaign, I would recommend waiting for a sale to get it.

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