Saturday, January 10, 2015

Final Part of Miracles and Second Chances - By Michelle Libby

It had been a little over a week and Sarah couldn’t believe how much fun they’d had at the holiday party in her home of all places. The best part was having Curtis with her, she decided. She’d forgotten how it felt to have a companion. That was why she was going to ask him to move in with her on New Year’s Eve. She hadn’t even mentioned it to Amaya. 

Curtis shuffled into the kitchen. “Morning.” 

Sarah smiled at him with the I-know-something-you-don’t-know grin. “Good morning. I’ve made breakfast. Do you know what today is?”


“Yes…but do you know what happens today?”

“Trash pick up.”

Sarah’s smile faltered. “No.”

“It’s New Year’s Eve. I knew what you were getting at,” he said, sitting at the table. 

“Do you have plans?” She joined him at the round kitchen table. 

“Nothing concrete. We aren’t getting together with the seniors club because of the fire, so I thought maybe we could have my grandson bring dinner to us and we could rent a movie off the TV. I hear it’s all the rage.”

“I like that idea.” It fit perfect with her plan.


Amaya couldn’t wait for 3 p.m. when she could lock the store. No one needed anything after that. The champagne should have all been purchased and she didn’t carry noisemakers. The door bells jangled and she looked up. Seeing it was just Kaila Lang from the seniors club, she felt her shoulders slump. 

She hadn’t heard from Tristan since the night she’d kissed him and he’d rejected her. He didn’t even mention the tree she’d lit for him at the golf course. It had been radio silence. He hadn’t even returned to pick up the clothes he’d been wearing. 

“Hi Amaya. The party was amazing. You really made Christmas for my seniors.”

“Thanks. I’m glad they had a good time.”

“Are you okay?”

“What can I help you with today?”

She helped Kaila pick up a few items for her New Year’s celebration and a hostess gift, then said goodbye. 

The phone rang and Amaya reluctantly answered. 

“Amaya, it’s your grandmother.”


“I’m having a quiet evening in with Curtis tonight and we need food delivered. You’ll pick it up for me.”
Amaya considered what she could say. Of course, or perhaps tell her the 12 places within a few miles that would deliver to her. 

“Whatever you need. It’s not like I have plans,” Amaya mumbled. “Just tell me where to pick it up.”   

“I’ll text you.” 

“Nana, you don’t text.” 

“I got a text phone for Christmas.” 

Amaya let a smile crack her face. She did love her grandmother and she wanted her to be happy, even if it meant shacking up with Curtis, the grandfather of the man that she couldn’t stop thinking about. 

Every time the phone rang or the door opened, she hoped to see him or hear his voice. 


New Year’s Eve was always so much fun. The merriment, the beginning of new things. Tristan had been working on his house non-stop for the last week. He had only slept a few hours each night hoping to get it done before New Year’s.

The fire marshal determined that the fire was accidentally started by a wire. The insurance company was going to pay. Tristan would start rebuilding the clubhouse in the spring, but this home he was building outback, tucked in the woods off the eighteenth green. It was a tiny house, only a few hundred square feet, but perfect for him and maybe one other person. 

He hadn’t spoken with Amaya since the kiss. His brain had been messed up. He knew he should have called her. It wasn’t that he didn’t like her or want to be with her. He had felt like he should mourn his wife’s memory for an eternity. Now that he’d had time to reflect, he knew that she would want him to go on with his life, to be happy. And he’d make it happen. 

He’d start by telling his grandfather that he wouldn’t be able to move in with him, for one the house was too small, and second, he needed to make sure he had the privacy to be with Amaya.

His cell phone rang in his back pocket.

“It’s Curtis. I’m ordering Chinese food for dinner and I need you to deliver it to me and Sarah.”
“They deliver.”

“Yeah, but I want to see you on New Year’s Eve. I have something to tell you.” Curtis hung up the phone before Tristan could protest or ask any more questions.
Curtis rubbed his hands together before patting Sarah’s shoulder. She had already asked him to move in with her and he’d said “yes”. He couldn’t think of a single reason why a single guy like him, with no place to live would turn down an offer to move in with a great gal like her.
The knock on the door was quiet…like the person was carrying a bag of food. Curtis winked at Sarah and went to the door to let Amaya in.
“My dear.”
“Hi Curtis. I brought dinner.” She handed the food over to him. 

“I ordered food. What is this?”

He held in the smile. He peeked in the bag to hide his amusement as he ushered her into the living room.
This time the knock was more of a pound on the front door. “I’ll get it,” Curtis said, his smile wide and bright. 

“Just sit. I’m up. I’ll get it,” Amaya said. She went to the door and swung it open. Tristan stood there, shock in his eyes, holding a plastic bag that smelled like Chinese. After a second his face split into a grin. 


Curtis saw her back up. 

“Amaya, let the boy in,” Sarah said. Amaya turned her glare on her grandmother. 

“You did this on purpose.”

“You can’t prove anything,” Sarah said. Curtis sat next to her smiling. 

Tristan set the food down and pulled Amaya further into the hallway. Curtis crept over to see what was going on. 

“I’m so sorry about the other night.” Tristan held Amaya’s arm. 

“And for not calling?” 

“That too. Can we start over? I brought you a present.”

He pulled out mistletoe and held it over her head. “It’s mistletoe.”

Amaya smiled up at him as he leaned in for a New Year’s kiss.

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