Friday, November 28, 2014

Movie review - Dumb and Dumber to (PG-13) review by Stephen Signor

Run Time: 110 Minutes
On December 16, 1994, Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas embarked on a journey that opened up their world. Nineteen years, eleven months and so many days later they are reunited. From the moment the film starts you know that time has had no effect on their character as well as their appearance. 

In Dumb and Dumber To Carrey and Daniels are not the only ones back. The Farrell’s too (Peter and Bobby) reprise their own credits as directors to bring this sequel to life and propel us into another zany world where there is no rhyme or reason for the misfits of Harry and Lloyd.  This time the craziness takes them on a road trip to locate Harry’s (Daniels) newly discovered daughter who was apparently given up for adoption. As you can imagine just the premise of this new information is enough to bring them to calamity and us on our backs with laughter. 

Rachel Melvin rounds out the lead cast. She is the mysterious ditsy daughter Penny, a piece of work in her own right.  Although she has appeared more recently in this year’s horror/comedy Zombeavers, she is best known for her appearance as Chelsea Benson Brady in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. For this appearance she brings the necessary element to her character that compliments Carrey and Daniels. Perhaps, as Directors of the film The Three Stooges, the Farrell’s chose to incorporate Penny’s presence. If so, it works very well.

Lest I forget to give kudos’s to give the supporting cast that includes the likes of Bill Murray, and a key part by Kathleen Turner. Then there is Rob Riggle. He had an uncredited role as Mr. Walters in this year’s 22 Jump Street but will be remembered here in his first ever credited role as Police Captain Travis Lippencott assigned to tracking down Harry and Lloyd for who knows what. 

In the end and for the second time I cannot for the life of me identify who is dumb and who is dumber. But that doesn’t matter really. It is a path of discovery that should never be realized. Why spoil the fun? To this end I can only say that Dumb and Dumber To is a parody of its self and will not disappoint those who are skeptical about sequels.

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