Sunday, May 5, 2013

Heath goes to the movies "The Place Beyond the Pines" by Heath Chase

I’m going to spoil this review right off the bat and say that this is my kind of film and is the best film I’ve seen since “Cloud Atlas” last fall. Don’t let the long title fool you, “The Place Beyond The Pines” is a serious crime drama packed with extremely stressful moments and twists that you will not see coming. My jaw hit the ground not once, but twice during the amazing twists that are woven into the film, and with that the writing is nearly flawless.

The story circles around a motorcycle stunt driver named Luke Glanton (Ryan Gosling), who works for a traveling fair. After he finds out a woman he once had relations with (Eva Mendez) is mothering his child in the town, he decides to stay and be the father he was meant to be. With no money to support his new family, he decides to take up bank robbing and is quickly distinguished as, “The Moto Bandit.” I will say no more, for this is a film that should be gone into with a completely open mind which is clearly what the director wanted.

The best thing I can say about this film is that I completely fell in love with its characters. Gosling is outstanding as Luke Glanton and although his methods of obtaining money are incredibly wrong, it is extremely evident that he is doing it for the love of his new family and I rooted for him the whole way through. Bradley Cooper co-stars in the film as well and this is the best performance I’ve seen from him to date. He plays a rookie cop who is just touching his feet to the ground in a world where crime is more present than ever before and I found that everything he did is what I would do.

This is the kind of movie I hope to see be nominated for something next Oscar season, it is just that good. Fantastic writing, a great story and excellent acting to hold it all together. So, go to the place beyond the pines and see one of the most original films of the past few years.

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