Friday, March 6, 2020

Movie Review: “The Invisible Man”

By Matt Pascarella

Rated: R
Running time: 2 hours, 5 minutes

Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) is in a relationship with Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). He is very controlling, manipulative and abusive. Cecilia wants out of the relationship. Adrian does not want her to leave. “The Invisible Man” takes a literary classic and gives it a thriller-esque, horror spin.
Cecilia is seen in the very beginning, escaping from Adrian’s home (which has cameras and tight security all over). Just as she has gotten in the car with her sister, Emily (Harriet Dyer), Adrian appears and breaks the passenger’s side window.

Two weeks later, Cecilia is staying with a friend, James (Aldis Hodge) and his daughter, Sydney (Storm Reid). Cecilia is terrified to leave the house. She fears Adrian will come after her.
Then, Emily stops by and tells Cecilia that Adrian has died. Later, Cecilia receives a letter from Adrian’s estate that states she will be receiving five million dollars to be paid out in installments. Everything is nice and easy for a while.

It’s not long before Cecilia realizes someone, or something is watching and following her. She realizes this might be Adrian. She tells his brother, Tom (Michael Dorman), who disagrees.
“He’s gone,” he says. “I saw his body. Don’t let him win, by bringing him back to life.”
“He’s not dead, I just can’t see him,” Cecilia argues.

She has several more instances that support her argument. She decides to go to Adrian’s home and discovers something that might support her theories. Cecilia and Emily have dinner and what happens next, happened so fast and caught me completely off guard; I’m not going to say anymore. Just don’t blink.

No one continues to believe Cecilia and she begins to break down. Between this point and the end, there are several twists and turns, so, seriously, don’t blink.

Cecilia is moved to a treatment facility. Because of Cecilia’s condition, (and maybe a twist/turn or two) the payments from Adrian’s estate are stopped.

Is Adrian still alive? What will happen to Cecilia?

This is a very good remake. A solid thriller/horror movie. It’s semi fast-paced with several jump scares and a few ‘did that really just happen?’ moments. As the movie progresses, it kept me wanting more, wanting to know what will happen next and to answer the questions the main character(s) brought up. The end left me asking “what’s really going on and what really happened there?” Which, despite the ambiguity, I enjoyed. While you can probably wait for this one to come out on streaming and DVD, watching “The Invisible Man” in the theater will give an added effect and make it that much better. Two knives up.

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