Monday, May 13, 2013

Heath goes to the movies "Home Run" by Heath Chase

Family “sit-down” movies are growing sparser and sparser as time goes on and “Home Run” was an excellent refreshment in the film industry. This is a story of man’s darkest times and how we get through them. This is also the story of God’s intervention in each and every one of our lives. This was not a film made for entertainment purposes alone; this was made to send a message, and what a message it sends.

Home Run follows a professional baseball player named Cory Brand who is at an all-time high in his career, but there is something wrong deep down inside of him. In the film’s intro we see Cory violently storm off the field due to a bad call in a game, and his secret becomes evident. Instead of a bottle of water, Cory keeps a bottle of vodka. This alcohol addiction has been haunting him behind the scenes of his success and with unjust actions on and off the field, Cory finds himself suspended from the team. It is during this time where we see the changes in a man with so much potential finding a new path through life.

The film is very realistic, and while I can safely say I do not drink, the steps Cory goes through can be relatable in some way for all of us. While many things strive in the film, it does struggle with pace. There were too many times where I felt emotion was being forced onto me, and there were many scenes that felt repetitive. For example, Cory will get back on track, then he’ll blow up and cause havoc. So on and so forth. Now I’m sure this is a common trait in one’s actions through rehabilitation, but when watching it in a movie, it kind of dubs down the experience. Acting wise, the film does its job, but it was rough in parts; this is mainly due to a few of the children actors (which I will say, good children actors are hard to come by). 

Overall, the film is worth the watch. I think it’s impossible to not learn a thing or two from this films powerful message and you might shed a tear. Go into it not expecting a Hollywood blockbuster. Go into it expecting a powerful journey filled with love and friendship, for this movie demonstrates everything you will ever need.

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