Friday, October 19, 2018

A Netflix review of Daniel Sloss' “Jigsaw”

By Colby Willis

In my second review of Daniel Sloss’ comedy, I highlight his second show “Jigsaw”, a sequel to his recently aired Netflix special “Dark”, which I couldn't praise enough.

“Jigsaw” follows suit with another intensely funny, deeply personal hour long set that shows Sloss' sharp comedic wit and ability to add a message to which anyone can relate. While “Dark” was about death, “Jigsaw” focuses on life, and specifically the complexity of building one's life.

Sloss, in the same vain as one of his peers, Bo Burnham, has grown up in an era of social media posturing that has left him critical of how society functions as a whole. He is able to weave in light jabbing jokes while also repeatedly touching back on the titular “Jigsaw” metaphor that he lives by.
His is a tone of self-love and accepting when there isn't love between people. As someone just four years his junior, I couldn't help but relate to this special from start to finish.

“Jigsaw” is a repeat success from Sloss, and I couldn't recommend his work enough. Though, if you do have the time, watching his first special “Dark” lays important groundwork for “Jigsaw”, the two don't truly need to be watched in order. There was however, an amazing comedic and emotional arc that matches a good film that I was able to glean from watching these two sets of comedy in sequential order. Another edgy, dark, hilarious outing from Sloss. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

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