Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 10 movies of 2016! - By Stephen Signor

This has been the most difficult task I have encountered so far. In a year full of potential blockbusters and sequels from every genre, the arduous and daunting task of rating them has come to fruition. To that end, here they are.

Passengers (PG-13)
I had originally rated Rogue One first until I saw this film and the weighing every element between Star Wars and this one I leaned toward Passengers mostly because of the uniqueness of the film. Not only was it an excellent story line it was accompanied by spectacular panoramic views of our universe with accuracy. In addition to this, the Avalon’s exterior and interior views were amazing and creative. The level of CGI expense that went into producing this film was well worth it for science fictions fans. 

2. Arrival (PG-13)
Placing this awesome film second was not an easy choice. But since I am rating my picks on a set of predetermined criteria this is where it lands. Arrival, although not the only science fiction film that made my list, was refreshing because of the unique aspect of the plot, the originality of the script and the lack of being immersed in and deluged with, special effects. Arrival also provided hope that not all films of this nature have to involve armament, confirming that not all aliens are created equal.  

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (PG-13)
Rating this movie was easy. I remember the first ever Star Wars movies and attempting to compare others even back then. There are few franchises that can withstand and endure the test of time. I can only assume, with hope, that the future will hold many more adventurous versions of this legacy.


4. Free State of Jones (R)
As a story based on historical facts, I was compelled to give this film a descent rating. I thought that the way it was presented, executed and concluded was seamless and the characters portrayed with accuracy. It was refreshing to get moved and mesmerized.

5. BFG (PG)
If not for the other four on my list this would have had a higher rating. I loved this film. There’s something about the mystical power of giants that captivate the imagination. Movies such as this that deliver an often subliminal, but mostly obvious message have a huge place in value. No one does this better than Steven Spielberg.


6. Storks (PG)
There’s much to say about this film and so little space.  Its myth meets reality. From cast and crew to the delivery (pun intended) of its plot and scenic surroundings, this film offered viewers of all ages a chance to revisit the myth of the stork. Although geared toward children, the child in the parents’ hearts have a chance to escape the reality into a well presented fantasy world.


Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (PG-13)
This was a tossup between Alice Through the Looking Glass. I opted in the direction of two times Oscar winner Tim Burton’s because I have always gravitated toward the way in which he views a world. I have yet to see a Burton film that did not offer a bizarre element. I found the entire 127 minutes intriguing, amusing and full of surprises.  

8. Morgan (R)
This had to be strangest yet most enjoyable horror/thriller I’ve seen in awhile. The mystique of the hood wearing protagonist added to the meat of the plot and served up an unpredictable ending.  It was difficult not rating this higher up on the list.

9. Office Christmas Party (R)
‘Tis the season and these players took holiday cheer to a whole new level; not top floor as number nine, but good enough to make the list. Anniston is classic and Bateman is Bateman. Those are good things. All rolled up this was like watching an extended version of a Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit.

10. Ghostbusters (PG-13)  
Despite the fact that this film exceeded my expectations as the trilogy of the same title, I still have to admit that it lacked the ability to impress on every level as opposed to the other nine. While I did enjoy the use of female protagonists, I certainly hope that a sequel is not in the making. I’d like to believe I can be left with the enjoyment that incurred rather than be deluged with yet another sequel.

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