Sunday, May 11, 2014

Movie Review - The Other Woman (PG-13) - Review by Niels Mank

Let me start off by saying, any movie with Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann is a sure winner in my book, but add Kate Upton to that cast and you will have every man volunteering to take his wife to this chick flick.

Diaz, Mann and Upton play amazing roles in this hilarious comedy. Kate (played by Mann) is married to Mark (played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and they live in Connecticut. Kate is your typical stay at home wife living in the big mansion. She wears around a housecoat and is anything but sexy. Carly (played by Diaz) is a sophisticated businesswoman living in Manhattan.

The movie begins with Mark and Carly having a sexual relationship. You can probably see where this is going. When Carly sets up a dinner meeting with her dad and invites Mark he flakes out on her with a story of burst pipes at his Connecticut house. Carly decides to surprise him at his house and shows up in a sexy plumbing outfit. When she knocks on the door who answers? None other than Kate, Mark’s wife.

Diaz immediately makes an excuse that she is at the wrong house and proceeds to stop taking Mark’s calls and vows not to be “the other woman” but when Kate tracks her down and confronts her, a very strange relationship emerges. Kate decides that she wants to know everything and in order to do that becomes friends with Carly. The two decide to work together against Mark and expose his indiscretions and there are many.

As the movie progresses through some hilarious blooper type scenes you can watch the men in the theater starting to lose interest since the “player” in the movie “Mark” is now being played by Carly and Kate. Just as the men in the theater start to doze off the character of Amber (played by Kate Upton) appears in a white bikini leaving very little to the imagination.

Amber is Mark’s newest fling and after Carly and Kate approach her she decides to dump Mark and join them on their quest to destroy him. This movie is a true chick flick with a cast designed to draw men in and a story line that keeps you laughing all the way to the end. The movie has a “First Wives Club” feel. This movie is a must see for any couple.

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