Sunday, October 6, 2013

Movie Review - Insidious Chapter 2 - By Heath Chase

So, the long awaited sequel to a film that absolutely terrified me is here, but with sequels it's kind of a toss-up to whether or not it is going to be good. I'm here to tell you that this was a good sequel. James Wan, the director, has become very well known for his films over the past decade and his newest chapter in the Insidious franchise does not fall short. I honestly had to do a double take when I put two and two together and realized that the same man who directed and released The Conjuring not three months prior already had another film in theaters around the globe. I still hold The Conjuring to be the scariest film I've ever seen, but Insidious Chapter 2 doesn't need to be as scary, its chilling terrors aren't the only thing that carries the movie.
After the absolutely shocking and frightening conclusion to Insidious, we see a family undergoing the stress and fears at levels so incomparable when their son brings a demon into the house. Insidious Chapter 2 picks up after these events and the Lambert family is still trying to grasp the untimely horrors of what they just endured. It doesn't take long before we realize that something is still terribly wrong with this picture, and I say that metaphorically and literally. 

The fact is everything was tied in so precisely into this sequel. If you are a fan of the original you are going to be grinning ear to ear in some of the films subtle yet ringing throwbacks to the original story of this family's first encounters. When I said that this movie is not as scary, as say, The Conjuring, don't be tuned out, for the film is deeper in the sense of just pure interest and excitement. The characters are what mainly shine. They are loveable and believable, even if one or two might seem a little untrustworthy. I did find myself shrinking into my seat at some tense scenes, and shielding my face ever so slightly when I knew someone was going to bite it. This film is smart as a whole and I think that is why I appreciated it as much as I did. This is no cheap imitation, go see this movie.

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